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    Fierik, aka Riccardo Tognetti, is a young streamer and youtuber specialized in the MOBA League of Legends and in the unboxing of Yu Gi Oh! cards, of which he is a great enthusiast. On social media he doesn’t speak only about video games but he also brings a fair dose of carefree and comedy that has allowed him to build a solid and genuine link with his community. He is currently partner of Uber Eats and AFK Gamer Store in Rome.

    Curiosities: he has been a collector of cards for years and he is undoubtedly very self-ironic.

    More Informations

    Riccardo Tognetti
    183 cm
    Emilia Romagna
    LoL, Card Games, Gaming
    86 / 14
    18 - 24
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