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    Carolina is a F1 Addicted with the passion for arts and the need to express herself brought her on two parallel roads. The first one is Acting, she studied with Michael Rodgers in Milan and then she moved to Rome to study with Gisella Burinato. Carolina learnt the skill to stay in front of the camera thanks to courses and commercials, and the harsh TV/Cinema environment taught her how to withstand denials.

    On the other side she was raised in a sport oriented family, between Wrestling and Formula 1. Every member of his family is or was an agonistic racing driver, so fuel runs through her veins. After attending to a Gran Prix in Canada she built up the idea of using the artistic skill learnt to start her Digital and Social identity. Her unique figure was something missing on the TV Scene and scouts immediately involved her as Host and Guest in various TV and Radio productions (Sky’s On-Race and Formula Talk Hosted by Carlo Vanzini, the official F1 Caster for Sky, RTL’s News 102,5).

    More Informations

    Carolina Tedeschi
    168 cm
    Reggio Emilia
    F1, Racing, Acting
    90 / 10
    25 - 34
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